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                               A BIG IN SMALL PRICE TATA' ARIA'

    When it comes to SUVs in India, the Tata Aria, it's said that there’s a beast under the hood. The 2.2 DICOR engine has Variable Turbine Technology, generating 140 PS Power & 320 NM Torque. Putting the reins in your hands is the new Gearbox (Mark II) that’s perfectly synchronized with the engine, offering smooth power delivery, and crisp gear shifting. Then there’s the Dual Mass Flywheel that makes vibrations a thing of the past, maintaining a peaceful calm inside the cabin. A boon on Indian roads, we think. Stuck between buying a hatchback or a Sedan, just go for a SUV instead.

   Now there are two facets to luxury. One is class and elegance; the other, comfort and convenience. And they both exist in the TATA Aria. The in-dash Satellite Navigation System shows you the way to anywhere through a simple interface and unparalleled coverage. Rain Sensing Auto Wipers switch on instantly with the slightest drizzle. And as the sun sets and the light dim, the Darkness Sensing Auto Headlights come to life. Then there’s the Auto Climate Control to keep you cool at the desired temperature. And of course, a Reverse Guide Camera, to help you park without worry or hassle. And it doesn’t end there. As you acquaint yourself with the luxury trappings of the TATA Aria, you will find a host of features that are both splendid and thoughtful.

    With 140 PS Power & 320 NM Torque, the Tata Aria is always ready to be ripped on any open road. This seven-seater SUV is often mistaken as a Multi-Utility vehicle. With the Aria's extensive range of feautre, it cannot be argued that the Tata Aria is a Value For Money SUV. Starting with the safety features, this SUV fares really well in all safety tests. ABS with EBD, all disc brakes and more importantly Electronic Stability Control along with Traction control keeps the vehicle in complete control and on-track even in an accidental situation.

     A range of airbags with tough built body on frame construction acts as the passive safety features of this SUV. All the doors get unlocked, once the Aria detects an emergency. The dual AC, GPS SatNav technology, rain sensing auto wipers and darkness sensing auto head lights, Infotainment system, roof centre bone utility bins, glove box chiller, etc serve as the premium features inside this 7 seater SUV. The Tata Aria runs on a smooth suspension setup which absorbs all the undulations of road. Also, don't let its big size fool you as it has the best handling & maneuverability all thanks to its special 5 link rear suspension that is mounted below the back end of the chassis.What else would you want?
4x2 Variant Description

    The best of the two disparate worlds have collided when it comes to SUVs in India. Presenting the newly launched Tata Aria 4x2 variant. Here the elegant poise of a Sedan and the rugged exuberance of an SUV come together. This launch is off a vehicle that's been bred to suit your every need. You can drive it with smooth stealth through the city roads. And you can venture out on roads less travelled with equal ease. In the Tata Aria you will find a host of features that are both splendid and thoughtful.

Tata Aria SUV Price Description

Tata Aria Price

Tata Aria Variants Price

Variants New Delhi      Bangalore   Mumbai     Chennai      Pune           Hyderabad   Kolkata
Pride (Diesel) 16,56,890 16,73,415 16,95,198 16,81,979 16,54,177 16,83,733 16,93,014
Pure 4x2 (Diesel) 11,61,000 11,98,601 12,13,086 12,05,085 11,84,618 12,06,840 12,15,735
Pleasure 4x2 (Diesel) 12,61,000 - - - - - -
Prestige 4x2 (Diesel) 14,26,000 - - - - - -
LX 4x2 (Diesel) 9,95,000 9,94,896 10,14,495 9,94,014 9,90,908 9,95,015 9,96,300
AT (Diesel) 15,00,000 - - - - - -

The TATA Aria is built on the premise that convenience isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. Class, elegance and comfort, they all exist in the Tata Aria. As you acquaint yourself with the features and the luxury trappings of this SUV, you will realize that the cost of this SUV is indeed a small price to pay. An eclectic mix of features that assure safety, deliver performance and define luxury. To make sure that wherever you are, on-road or off, you’re never out of place in a TATA Aria.

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  1. This version is really improved from its prior one.Tata aria has survived in India in such a tough competition and time even when other automotive companies has launched a better options at low cost.