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Force Motors Launched SUV FORCE ONE

19th Aug 2011 : Force Motors debuted in the Indian car market today with Force One SUV. Thenew Force One SUV was launched in India by super star Amitabh Bachchan, who has been chosen as the Brand Ambassador of Force One. Fore One has been rolled out in one variant only, Force One price is tagged at Rs 10.65 lakh(ex showroom Mumbai). Force Onespecifications reveal that the car is powered with a 2.2 litre common rail turbo diesel engine,

Force Motors Force One SUV has stirred competition in the SUV market in India which is governed by Ford Endeavour and Chevrolet Captiva besides others. Exterior of this mighty looking machine suggests as if it is the re-modeled version of Chinese Ford Explorer popularly known as Guangdong Foday Explorer III. Force Motors has launched its first SUV- Force One in the 4x2 version and the Force One 4x2 with ABS will be launched in December 2011 while Force One 4x4 is expected to arrive in March 2012.

The “Be the Force” SUV Force One is equipped with Daimler AG Germany sourced 2.2L FMTech (Force Motors Technology) 4cylinder CRDI turbo engine producing 321Nm of torque and 140bhp of power. The vehicle’s front is adorned with projector lamps. Localization content on the new SUV is about 75%. The suspension has been exquisitely tuned by a UK firm Lotus Engineering. Force Motors builds the SUV at its Pithampur plant and as per reports around Rs 600-800 crore will be invested in the Force Motors Force One project. Over 24,000 units will be produced annually. In order to keep track of quality delivery, Force Motors has set up an independent R&D, manufacturing, marketing & sales for the new SUV.

The new SUV by Force Motors has state-of-the-art interior comfort and convenience which includes high end features like driver information system, cruise control, audio control mounted on steering, dual AC vents for each row. Along with these the SUV also has OSRVM side indicators and plush leather seats. The ride and handling has been fine tuned by Lotus Engineering with sixteen inch alloy wheels along with high ground clearance of 205mm. The complete vehicle and the onboard electronics is audited and validated by Mercedes-Benz Technologies. The Force Motors Force One SUV is a six/seven seater SUV with 16 in alloy wheels and power steering, power windows fitted. The braking system in the Force One is front and rear disk brakes. The transmission is 5-speed manual. It also has a ground clearance of 205 mm which is good enough for a 2510 kg SUV. The fuel tank capacity is 75 litres.

Force One Models

Force Motors Force One 4x2: This is the 4x2 version of Force One SUV. It is powered by 2.2L engine that outputs 140bhp.

Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy

Seeking mileage delivery from a 140bhp SUV would be unjust but in this aspect as well Force One SUV drives past most of its competitors. With Daimler AG technology powered engine, we can very well expect that it has to be frugal. Force One delivers a mileage of 14.0 kmpl mileage in the city while it returns a mileage of 17 kmpl on the highways. ARAI certified mileage of the Force One is 11.6 kmpl.


Force One 4x2 is fitted with 2149cc FMTech (Force Motors Technology) 4cylinder CRDI turbo engine producing 321Nm of torque and 140bhp of power. The Daimler engine produces 104kw at 3800rpm. The fuel system on the powerful machine is Common Rail Injection System. The engine has been mated to a 5-speed gearbox. The transmission type is G32/5, syncromesh, with DMFW. There are five forward and one reverse. At the front there is non driven stub axle while there is full floating type axle at the rear.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

With 140bhp under the hood, Force One has enough power to accelerate to 100 kmph easily. The new Force Motors SUV has a top speed of 160 km/h.

Force One Exteriors

Exterior Appearance

Clad in a true SUV spirit, the Force One looks bigger than it is from the outside. A look at it from distance will give an impression that a large car is approaching, however one will not hear its sound unless it is very near. The majestic front look of the Force SUV is dominated by the broad bonnet, chrome grille and the projector-type headlamps. The all new Force One badge ‘F’ at the centre of the chrome grille compliments the front. The large macho looking front bumper characteristics of SUVs further the robust image of Force One. Day-time running LED lights also give it a premium SUV look. The sides of the Force One look more like Ford Endeavour. However, huge wheel arches step up the image and throw challenge to any terrain. The five spoke alloy wheels further enhance the racy looks of the car. The rear of the Force One SUV completes the overall SUV look. The Chrome plated twin exhaust give it just the right sporty look. The bold wheel-arch mouldings/Stylish Roof Rails gives the FORCE ONE a tough and rugged look. Unlike other SUVs the spare wheel is not tucked at the rear and is put just below the rear bumper.

Exterior Measurements

Force One SUV is 4860mm long, 1780 mm wide and has 1885 mm height. The SUV has a gross weight of 2510 kg. It has a wheelbase of 3025 mm. The ground clearance is 205 mm.

Force One Interior Appearance & Comfort

Interior Appearance

The Force One SUV despite being an SUV has quite sophisticated interiors. All beige interiors with wooden finishing on the central console on the dash are captivating. Force One has a step provided to climb on to the SUV. It also has door seal garnish as well. Force One is available in two seating options. The six-seater Force One SUV has 5+D (driver seat) captain seat pattern that has two seats at the front, 2 at the rear and 2 seats in the second row. The seven-seater Force One SUV has 6+D (driver seat) bench seat pattern that has two seats at the front, 3 at the second row and 2 in the last row. The leather clad three spoke steering has audio controls mounted on it. At the centre of the steering wheel is the prominent Force One logo. The instrument cluster has two large dials accompanied with lots of indicators and at the centre is the digital display followed by more indicators at the base. The central console has somewhat traditional look with wooden finishing. There are two AC vents in black finish above followed by music system at the centre and AC and other controls at the bottom. The gear lever is clad in all beige and the gear knob has chrome lining on it. The base of the gear lever also has wooden finishing. The hand rest also houses the power window controls. There are also red colored door-open lamps.

Interior Comfort

Step inside the Force One and one feels as if he has entered some mighty machine that is eager to take any challenge, any terrain but in order to keep good care of the passengers inside, Force One has lots of comfort features. The all-beige interiors and plush leather upholstery throws an appearance of comfort and cozy interior. The driver seat is three-way adjustable with options of sliding, reclining and height adjustment. The second row seats are captain seats, reclining and is double folding. In the 5+D seating pattern, the second row seats have central armrest in the middle. The second row in the 6+D seating pattern is bench type. The front facing third row is foldable and also has reclining option. The seats also have angle adjustable headrests to give full support to the head during long journeys. The third row isn’t congested and two persons can sit easily with enough leg and head room. The tilt and adjustable steering has side controls such as wiper and indicator lever, headlamp switch and instrument panel are placed perfectly to keep Force One in control and also keep the vital stats in view without diverting the sight off the road. The illumination level of the instrument panel can also be controlled. Audio controls are mounted on Force One steering so that one has to just insert the CD in the JVC audio system and then keep shuffling numbers without letting your hand off the steering. Force One also has progressive cruise control on the steering to make those long journeys less tiring. For the passengers, Force one has air conditioning vents for all three rows. There is also AC control for the first and second row seats. All four windows are motorized and have independent controls besides a central control placed next to the armrest of the driver. There are also electrically adjustable Outside Rear View Mirrors. The multi information display has all the information right from the distance covered to the vital stats of the Force One besides the trip wise fuel consumption and service over due warning and last but not the least distance to empty meter. For those at the second row, the Force One has mobile charger and ash tray to keep them connected always on the go. For those who love shades, Force One also has a sunglass holder just above the sun guard over the driver seat. The glove box is double folding with a utility box inside.

Engine Capacity & Performance

Force One 4x2 has a 2.2L FMTech (Force Motors Technology) engine. The diesel powered engine is a 4 cylinder CRDI turbo engine that produces 321Nm of torque and 140bhp of power. Daimler has supplied the engine technology to Force Motors and it produces 104kw at 3800rpm. The fuel system on the powerful machine is Common Rail Injection System. The engine has been mated to a 5-speed gearbox. The transmission type is G32/5, syncromesh, with DMFW. There are five forward and one reverse. At the front there is non driven stub axle while there is full floating type axle at the rear.


If it is SUV, normal wheels won’t do the needful and that is why Force SUV runs on all alloy 16 inch wheels. The tyre size is 235/70/R.

Braking & Handling

The Force SUV has a powerful braking system with hydraulic vacuum assisted with LCRV. The front brakes are disc brakes with twin pot four-piston caliper. Rear brakes are drum with auto adjuster. The parking brakes are mechanical linkage type. The all steel C in C ladder type chassis is ready to absorb the biggest of the potholes and the most rugged off-roading in India.

Handling & Safety

The homegrown car maker Force Motors has intricately put its best effort in producing its first passenger vehicle-Force One. Despite being a 140 bhp SUV, the Force One has excellent control over power. The power is distributed to the wheels with the help of a 5 speed manual gearbox. A hydraulic operated single plate dry type clutch with 240 mm diameter with DMFW and effort reducing mechanism is in place to ensure that Force One offers smooth gear shift.

There is independent double wishbone with coilspring suspension at the front and multi link pan hard rod and coil spring at the rear to ensure that no bumps could reach the passengers inside the mighty SUV. And those bumps that actually worry the suspension are absorbed by gas charged telescopic shock absorbers at the front and the rear. There is also anti roll bar both at the front and rear axle. The suspension system of the Force One has been fine tuned by Lotus Engineering UK and has been designed to face any terrain thus making Force One, one of the SUVs that can take any terrain with ease. Maneuvering the Force One is far easier with the help of the new steering mechanism which is power assisted with tilt and collapsible mechanism and protection guard.

A lot of safety features also make the powerful comfortable ride inside the Force One far safer. The unique feature of Force One is the over speed warning that warns if the SUV crosses the permissible speed limit. Besides, there is also remote key entry, driver seat warning, door open warning and display, ultrasonic reverse parking sensors for parking in the slimmest of space, brake pad wear and tear warning along with central looking. Force One with ABS and Airbags is expected to arrive soon.

Stereo & Accessories (160)

It would be wrong to assume that being a sports utility vehicle, everything should be sturdy and robust inside the Force One and there is no scope for entertainment inside. The Force One SUV is entertaining both with respect to its power and maneuverability and infotainment inside. Whatever be the terrain, weather, off road or on road, Force One ensures that you are entertained always. With JVC Audio System (2DIN CD/MP3 player) inside, Force One ensures that your favorite numbers keep shuffling en route. There is also an USB port with 30 display colors. The music system also has Aux-in port. The Audio controls have been mounted on the steering. The Force One also has Bluetooth connectivity.

Force One Pros :

Biggest advantage of Force One SUV is its pricing. It has been priced competitive compared to other SUVs in India. It is surely a value for money and will be cheap to maintain with 3 years and 11 lakh Kms warranty by Force Motors.

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