Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eicher Launches 11.14 – Redefining 9 ton Payload Truck market

Eicher Launches 11.14 – Redefining 9 ton Payload Truck market

Eicher Trucks and Buses (ETB) has launched Eicher 11.14 a highly fuel efficient 9.5 T rated payload truck,
that with its unmatched features and benefits is likely to redefine and change the image of the 9- 9.5 ton rated
payload trucks. This 14.5 T GVW truck product will carry forward the high performance legacy of Eicher Light &
Medium Duty Trucks & provide higher benefit to the 9-9.5 ton payload customers with its modern look, style and a
host of value features.

Eicher 11.14 is the result of extensive research done by the company in the market understanding of the
usage pattern and various 9 ton segments for their need and duty cycle of operation. This product is likely to be
a “Game Changer” with its unique positioning and features which bridge the gap between the current 12/13 T
& 16 T segments. It will create & establish a new segment which shall majorly constitute of specific usage
segments of 16 Ton down graders of the Heavy Duty Truck segment.The Product encompasses the core unique
features that result into “Advantages of 16 Ton truck (More Earning) & Benefits of a 12 T Medium Duty Truck
(More Saving). Because of its best in class fuel efficiency and other operating parameters ,Eicher 11.14 will be the
right fit product for applications, segment & routes demanding 9- 9.5 ton rated payload and currently being catered
by the legacy 16T HD trucks specifically- Market Load, Milk /Water Tanker, Parcel Service, Machinery Transport,
Pharma, Gas Cylinders, Courier etc

The salient features of Eicher 11.14 are:
• Best in class fuel efficiency-leading to higher savings and profits
• High Pickup & acceleration
• A Heavy duty truck at medium duty pricing meaning low initial investment
• Fuel efficient Engine: 114 H.P (E-483-Diesel 4 Cylinder)
• High Pulling Power
• Heavy duty Transmission: ET40S5 Gear Box
• Big Tyres: 9.00 x 20 16 PR
• Power Steering as standard
Besides these hard-core product attributes, Eicher 11.14 is also backed by the well spread Eicher service network
which would maximize uptime and thereby better the operating economics. There are over 200 authorized service
centres and over 10000 private mechanics trained by Eicher, ensuring that the vehicles are maintained as per
recommended service protocols. In addition, each of the dealerships is equipped with mobile service vans and 24x7
helpline numbers to ensure quick response.
The highly fuel efficient Eicher 11.14 with its high value delivery at relatively lower cost is all set to bring about a
profitable change in the way the 9 Ton Trucks operate and deliver.

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