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The Mahindra Thar is every off-road enthusiast’s dream come true. This four-wheel drive jeep was made to go off-road and also features a very powerful 2498cc 4-cylinder engine capable of producing 102bhp mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. However, other than its phenomenal off-road skills the Thar is not practical for city driving. The interiors are very small and driving position is very uncomfortable. The interior quality is also very poor and the boot is tiny. The car also has no tell-ta

Mahindra Thar is like a camel in the dessert; perfect wagon for a ride in sand dunes or an adventurous jungle safari. With its rugged appearance and 4X4 drive, it hits bang on the toughest of terrains. The powerful gypsy from Indian automobile manufacturer, Mahindra Thar shoulders the tradition coming since ages. The spectacular jeep comes with signature designing and devilish looks. Mahindra Thar wears a look of its ancestors and assures a better performance to its users. Those who admire retro power and believe in old is gold, Mahindra has offered the best option to go for. Before coming to India in December 2010, Mahindra Thar was a great hit in the South African market. In the domestic market, it created a niche market for itself. It rolls out from the Nasik plant.

Mahindra Thar is designed in a retro traditional look such that it stimulates the brand loyalty existing since many generations. The open jeep has its own aroma and gives an unmatched style with raw looks. The jeep is a part of Indian culture and its visibility in history assure its performance and reliability. The strong jeep from Mahindra is designed to give stand out off-roading experience. The bold designing of the Mahindra Thar helps it to pierce even in the worst of terrains and yet maintains a security quotient to the passengers.

The seven seater open jeep from Mahindra is truly a synonym of power with its CRDe Turbocharged Intercooled, 4WD diesel engine and also has two variants with Di engine (without common rail). The powerful CRDe engine is capable of giving a maximum power of 105 HP at 3800 rpm and also a beating torque of 247 Nm at 1800-2000 rpm. The masculine engine is coupled to BORGWARNER 4WD system (5 speed Manual Shift) with low reduction gear. Mahindra Thar assures a safe and powerful drive on worst road conditions. The gypsy is given amazing tubeless tyres with high traction 16 inch wheels that are kept at low weight so as to reduce its overall un-sprung weight. Earlier, automobile critics always used to mention in Mahindra Thar reviews that the SUV becomes unbearable in scorching Indian heat. Therefore, the new Thar CRDe is now available with factory fitted AC kit with heater for comfort and digital immobilizer for safety keeping Mahindra Thar price in check to quite an extent. Power steering, low turning radius, compact size, etc are the high points of this SUV.
 Mahindra Thar comes with a diesel engine in single variant. The NEF CRDe Turbocharged Intercooled, euro IV engine comes with a displacement of 2498cc. The 5 Speed Manual Transmission Gearbox offers a very good mileage 11 in the city roads and 13.5 kmpl on the highways. The other Di engine has a displacement of 2523 cc and delivers 12 kmpl although the company claims that it delivers 16 kmpl mileage.

Mahindra Thar is available in CRDe engine and DI engine. The CRDe has a displacement of 2498 cc and offers an acceleration of 0-100kmph in 17 secs. The CRDe version can zoom up to 155kmph. The DI engine variant is expected to follow the steps of the Mahindra Major CL 550 and Bolero DI-India's Largest Selling UV. The DI engine variant reaches 0-100kmph in 19.5 secs and the speed goes all the way up to a whooping 140kmph.

Mahindra Thar wears the traditional old fashioned Mahindra jeep looks. The contemporary gypsy is given an edgy look with bold and prominent crease on the body of the SUV that depicts great power. The strenuous look is further enhanced withsignature classic grille and the typical circular headlights. It flaunts a bold jaw shaped front, following a trend that has been continuing for ages and is still prevalent. The front glass is edgy rectangular which has again been taken from the retro style. The tyres are broad which adds to the muscular look of the Jeep. The indicators are present at the extreme corners right above the lifted area on wheels. The broad gypsy from Mahindra assures best in class ground clearance which off-roading a pleasure, comfortable and easy. The basic frame of the jeep has been taken from its predecessors, thus assuring easy drive through any kind of a terrain. The retro styled gypsy has its side back view mirrors placed in a perfect manner such that one can have a clear view. Under the bold classic grill, the model name is engraved with a sense of style which also adds to its bold looks.

The Mahindra Thar has two side doors for front seats and the back seats are kept open with mythological back door of a jeep. The doors are again bold and the bolts used give it a raw and rugged look. It bears a bold edgy embossed effect. From the back, it is has the typical gypsy look which is in fashion since ages and it seems it would never be a passé because this style stands popular and is still gaining popularity amongst the younger generations more and more. The open back has been making a style statement for generations. The seats of Mahindra Thar are made keeping in comfort in mind and can be lifted, making a lot of space as per the requirements. The bold frame at the back uses bigger and stronger pipe which gives it a discriminating looks from other jeeps in market. To climb in, Mahindra Thar is given a small foot rester which makes the entry and exit easy. The overall looks are robust and great importance has been given to the detailing which has further added to the strenuous looks.

Exterior Measurements

The powerful and efficient gypsy from Mahindra is built in a retro manner giving it a typical army vehicle look. The front track of CRDe Mahindra Thar measures 1445mm whereas the rear track measures 1346mm. It measures 3920mm in length and 1710mm in width. The front track of the DI Thar is 1314mm, rear track is 1295mm whereas the length is 3760mm and the overall width is 1640mm. The measurements of the SUV also prove that the SUV has been designed keep Off-road travels in mind. The overall size of Mahindra Thar keeps it stable on rough terrain and assures a good ride even on worst of the roads.

The wheelbase of Mahindra Thar measures 2430 mm which gives it a touch of supreme strength. The tyres are designed keeping bumpy roads in mind and these would help give one a smooth drive even on muddy paths. The height of Mahindra Thar CRDe is1930mm and Thar DI engine is 1904mm. Thanks to the wheelbase the jeep would allow a comfortable ride and give the driver full control and grip. The overall weight is also kept 1750 kg which again helps to build hold on drive.

Mahindra Thar Interior

The interior of Mahindra Thar are spacious. It is built keeping in mind the purpose of this vehicle. Therefore, the gypsy might not give one extreme luxurious comfort but it certainly assures decent leg room and arm room. The seats are built in the traditional raw style with focus on safety and one can say that minimum stress has been laid on luxury.

The Mahindra Thar has bold steering that it has taken from its predecessors. Thar proves that the wave of fashion trends may come and go but nothing could affect the raw and rugged style of the Mahindra jeeps. Following the tradition, the jeep wears similar looks with some extra additions to further enhance the driving experience of the Mahindra Gypsy. The back seats are front facing and designed simply. The seating Capacity of the jeep is of 7 people (Two forward Facing and two side facing rear bench seats). Seats might not be extremely comfortable but yes on rough roads it gives minimum jerk and keeps the passengers safe.

The front seats are given comfortable leg room and the open roof assures great head room as well. The gear system has also been taken from mythological jeeps and the front board holds a speedometer very similar to the ones seen in past Mahindra jeeps.

Interior Comfort

Mahindra Thar is designed for those who insist on power from their car and a great performance on city, highway roads as well as on off-roads. This gypsy might not assure supreme comfort but definitely keeps the passengers safe. The adventurous drives in jungle or a desert or a hilly area are all possible with this stunning Mahindra Thar with decent comfort to its passengers. It sports one of the rarest feature present in a Jeep. The CRDe Mahindra Thar is now loaded with an air conditioning system. This is sure to add to the comfort during adventure rides.

Interior Measurements

The back area of the rugged and rough Mahindra Thar is spacious. With the folding seats in the rear, there the SUV has good space to keep huge amount of luggage. The front seats are made keeping in mind the usage of this jeep and therefore there is comfortable leg room and arm room. The open roof makes the jee
p free from suffocating headroom and it also provides an open environment and style to the Mahindra Jeep.

The powerful Mahindra Thar is available in two engine variants- DI and CRDe. The NEF CRDe Turbocharged Intercooled engine is coupled with 5 speed manual transmission. The capacity of this engine is 2498cc. The CRDe Thar delivers a power of 105 bhp at 3800 rpm and a torque of 247 Nm at 1800-2000 rpm.

The capacity of the DI engine of Thar is 2523cc. The DI variant comes with a 5-speed manual with 2 speed gear reduction with high ratio of 1.0:1 and lower ratio as 2.46:1. Along with this, one also has an option to choose between 2WD and 4WD with the DI engine.

The engine is one of the best in its category. The basic reason behind buying a gypsy is for enumerable power and smooth performance even on bumpy roads and the stunning NEF CRDe Turbocharged Intercooled engine assures it all in somewhat traditional style, while the powerful DI engine which has been used in the Mahindra Bolera as well proves the same too.  Off-roading drives will no longer be a pain with Mahindra Thar, as the stylish gypsy delivers a smooth and continuous power.


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